Friday, 9 August 2013

A general update on all things in my crazy.

Hi, guys! Guess what? I FINALLY finished Second Chance Summer!! I started this book when I was in the middle of writing Never Forget, just before Christmas, but it got pushed aside for that and subsequently The Game series. Now, the first draft is done, halfway through revisions, and on the way to betas this weekend.

But I don't have any dates or details for it... Yet. My first priority now is writing The Right Moves (The Game, #3, Abbi's story) before my son is born next month. (He's due six weeks today.) So, because of this, no dates for any book releases will be revealed unless they are absolutely, 100%, completely set in stone. I HATE not giving you guys these dates, but I know I would either have to fiddle dates and push them back or I would end up driving myself into the ground meeting the deadlines I'd set. While normally this wouldn't be an issue, this is where I remind myself being heavily pregnant by itself is hard, let alone with a toddler and trying to write full-time. So, I'm trying not to be too hard on myself if I don't get everything done I want to.

I hope you guys understand all this, and I hope to have some news for you very, very soon. :)

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