Wednesday, 3 July 2013

New Adult Authors Unite (#NAAU) Blog Tour!

I'm part of an awesome group of New Adult authors on Facebook, and we have a small blog tour happening right now! I have the awesome and foxy (because she loves that word!) Olivia Mayfield here today talking about what makes New Adult so appealing to her! (Also, an awesome giveaway!)


I’m super excited to be a part of this amazeballs blog tour. Partly because it’s a foxy group of writers and partly because I adore New Adult. I started reading NA several months ago, with EASY by Tammara Webber as my first. I devoured it and haven’t looked back. It’s like reading crack. lol

What makes NA so appealing to me and to millions of other readers? Here’s what I think:

1—emotion, emotion, emotion. I’m in my mid-thirties (turning 37 this month, actually—WHOO!), but I still vividly remember how it felt to be in my late teens/early twenties. That first real gut-pinching, chest-tightening sensation of falling in real, adult love. And the agony of it all when things went wrong. Reading NA brings me right back into those feelings, reminds me how heady and frightening it was to experience so many different situations as an adult.

2—college, man. I loved college. I met so many fascinating and whacky and crazy people in my classes. We talked philosophy and literature and art and poetry in dark, cozy corners on campus. Drank tea and coffee, dished on professors and hot fellow students. There was something about the college experience that has always lingered with me. Naturally, not all NA is about college (and in fact, it’s awesome to see some outside of that setting!), but I still love me some college-set stories.

3—character flaws. One thing I’ve noticed as a writer and reader of adult romance is that it’s hard to find a heroine who screws up a lot. We tend to be much more lax on an adult romance hero who’s a hot mess. But with NA, heroines have real issues. They make mistakes, choose the wrong paths, mess up their lives and impact the lives of others around them. It’s so refreshingly honest and real for me.

Are you a fan of New Adult? What draws you to these stories the most? Dish your answer in the comments below, and one random winner will get a copy of my New Adult sci-fi romance TEN DAYS. Contest ends July 9, 2013 at 11:59 EST. Thanks!

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  1. Just started reading these New Adult books. Liking what I read so far..Just keep writing them..Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I like that NA gives a glimpse of the perspective from people experiencing adulthood for the first time. Real life changes and situations you dreamt about, but were never REALLY prepared for as a teenager.

  3. I haven't read a lot of NA, but I think what I am liking is that it's those who have only recently entered adulthood in very adult situations.

  4. I love NA because it gives me all the angst, drama, resolution and love that you imagine at that age!

  5. Everything is so fresh and new and NOW, but with a bit of maturity.

  6. I love it when a book transports me back in time.