Thursday, 20 June 2013

Final Playing for Keeps teaser:


That done, I'm giving you one final teaser before the book releases *hopefully* across all retailers on Monday! It contains my favourite lines in the whole book, and I hope you love them as much as me. (Yes, I'm getting a little nervous for this release, but don't tell anyone.) AND AND AND don't forget to enter the giveaway in the post below. That's all. You can read now. :)


Aston's POV.

“Not everyone is what they seem, Megan. You should know that by now.”
She looks up at me, her startling blue eyes full of questions I know I have to answer.
“I know that. I just wish those people could trust in the people that care a little.” She sweeps past me to our desk. I bite the inside of my lip, following after her.
“Maybe it’s not that they don’t trust,” I say. “Maybe it’s that they’ve forgotten how to.”
She straightens her books on the desk, slowly turning her face to me as I sit next to her. “Then maybe they should open their eyes and see that the person they need to trust is right in front of them. Maybe they should open up and share so they don’t have to bear the burden alone.”
“Not everything is made to be shared. Not every scar is on the physical body. Some scars are on the mind. Some scars can’t be seen. They’re inside, burned in so deeply that they’ll never be healed.”
Her eyes are earnest and soft. “Just because a scar can’t be healed doesn’t mean it can’t be soothed,” she whispers.
I take a deep breath, making a decision I know I’ll regret. Making a decision that will change everything.
A decision that will change me.
“Sometimes the dark truth is too much for some people,” I warn her.
A decision that will change her.
“Sometimes a light dusting of the truth isn’t enough,” she responds.
A decision that will change us.
“Is the dark really better than the light?”
She nods. “Sometimes. Sometimes you need to get lost in the dark to truly appreciate the light.”
“This weekend,” I drop my voice so it’s barely audible. “I can’t promise everything. I can only promise what is there to give.”
She blinks once, her hand twitching. She clenches her fist and puts it in her lap. “I’ve only ever had half of you. I’m sure I can wait a little longer for all of you.”


  1. Love, love, love this teaser. Definitely my fav teaser :D!