Thursday, 9 May 2013

Reading Orders.

With the release of Always Remember in touching distance, I've had a few messages from readers asking what order to read my New Adult books in, or asking when the next book in The Game series will be released so they can read them back-to-back.

This post is basically because I'm lazy - and busy - and it's easier for all of us if I don't have to repeat myself ten times a day. (I have a toddler, I repeat myself enough) ;)

So -

THE GAME series, although they are series books, are all companion novels. The order they are released in is not the reading order. Obviously, I recommend they be read Books 1-4 (when all are released) but they are standalone novels with each book from a different character's POV. The only thing you won't get is light background information in previous novels, you may not understand all references, but since they each have their own story it doesn't matter that much because everything will get explained.

THE MEMORIES series - Book 1, Never Forget, is Alec and Lexy's story. Holding On, 1.5, the novella, is a mash up of Alec, Lexy, Bing, and Jen's POV, and leads on into... Always Remember, book 2, which is Bing and Jen's story. I would recommend reading in that order (1, 1.5, 2) but bloggers have said they'd work perfectly well as standalone novels.

There are no cliffhangers in either series - despite the "did they didn't they?" end to Holding On - just lead on storylines that make you wonder and get you thinking. I'm not really a cliffhanger kinda gal for my NA romance, but that's just me. ;)

I hope this post cleared up any questions or any confusion you may have had. And don't forget to send anyone else this way while I'm stuck in promo/writing world ;)

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