Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Always Remember has had a phenomenal two days since it released! It's climbing the charts in both the US and UK and I'm so thankful for all of your support! We're currently at #508 in the US and #731 in the UK!

A reviewer of Always Remember said they wanted to see a scene where Alec proposes to Lexy. Naturally, Alec liked this idea, so I have the scene plotted. I announced on Facebook at a silly time this morning that if you can crack Always Remember into the top 100 on Amazon the way you did The Love Game, I'll release the scene as an exclusive extra on my blog! So get sharing the link!

Also, to thank you for allowing me to watch my book rocket up the charts yet again, I have a teaser for you from PLAYING FOR KEEPS, book 2 in The Game series. For anyone wondering, I hope to have more information about a release date for this soon!

You can add Playing for Keeps to Goodreads HERE.

Onto the teaser! (Note: this is from the unedited version and subject to change or removal before publication.)

Aston's POV:

“Jealousy isn't a good look on you, Megs.” I spin so I’m right in front of her and her back is against the door.
She tilts her head up, looking at me defiantly, and her shirt slips off her shoulder slightly. “I’m not the one who looked like they wanted to rip someone’s head off at that party.”
I flatten my hands on the door either side of her head, boxing her in, and move my face towards hers. My eyes search the blue in front of me. “And I’m not the one who looked like they wanted to rip out someone’s extensions,” I say quietly. “Who’s the jealous one, Megan?”
“You,” she whispers. “I have nothing to be jealous of.”
“You’re right.” I drop one of my hands to her waist, flexing my fingers against her. She clenches a fist, looking at me steadily. “You don’t have anything to be jealous of, because I’m here and not there.”
“And why exactly are you here?”
I stare at her, barely breathing, not moving, and the words burn their way up my throat with a feral need to get out.
“Because I need you. I need to feel you again. Once wasn't enough. It’ll never be enough.” 

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