Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Tuesday Tease - Always Remember! (Memories, #2)

800 Facebook likes brought you this little beauty! I'm coming close to the end (finally!) and I cannot, and I mean, I CANNOT freaking wait for you guys to have the whole book. It's jam-packed with Jen's sarcasm, their never-ending banter, a few steamy scenes, and well, Samuel Edwards just adds a whole new level to swoon. 

Enough about that. Because it's time for the real tease ;) in Jen's POV!




“Do you want me to bite you?” He grins wolfishly at me. 
“You what?” I half shriek. Is it wrong I'm secretly thinking that yes, I'd like him to bite me, and that it could be kinda hot?
“I said, do you want me to bite you?”
I clear my throat, perching on the bed. “Like I want a hole in the head, a stake to the heart, a bit of lego under my foot...”
“Then don't worry. You can move up.” He pats the bed. “I'm not going to seduce you.”
“Why do I not believe you?”
“Because you’re too intent on the thought of me seducing you?”
“Never gonna happen.”
“Then move up.”
“I don’t particularly want to be next to you right now.” Liar, liar, thongs on fire!
I roll my eyes. “Sam…”
He pats the bed more insistently, and I shake my head firmly.
“Not gonna hap-” I scream the last of the word out as he reaches over the bed, grabs my waist, and pulls me over. My arms wrap around his neck on reflex, and my head hits the back of the pillow.
It occurs to me that Bing is leaning right over me, his hands settled on my waist, and his face inches from mine. My knee brushes his thigh as I move it, and I feel his fingers dig into my skin a little. I unlink my fingers behind his neck and let my hands drop a little, my heart pounding. The last time we were this close…


  1. what? what happened the last time they were that close?? ;) Can't wait!

  2. You need to give us more than that I need to know !

  3. This is the epitome of a teaser. I need more!!!!!