Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Teaser Tuesday!

The last few teasers I've done now have been due to getting x amount of likes on Facebook etc, so today, after breaking the top 20 on Amazon, I decided I'd give you the very first look at PLAYING FOR KEEPS.

Yep... I don't know when I'll have another for you (I'm a tease, I know) so from what I have written, I've found the best teaser I can. It's from Megan's POV, so enjoy...



“I don’t wanna hide this. I don’t wanna hide you. Every guy that looks at you… I hate it. I hate the way they look at you like they just wanna fuck your brains out.”
“The way you used to look at me?” I tease, smiling a little.
He laughs slightly, turning me around. I wrap my arms around his waist, laying my head against his chest and the beating of his heart.
“Yeah, the way I used to look at you until I did, and I realised that wasn’t all I wanted from you. It wasn’t all I needed from you.” His voice rumbles in his chest, and he presses his lips to the top of my head.
“Then let me be what you need,” I almost beg. “Don’t think about Braden, or keeping this a secret, or where we come from. All that matters is that we’re here now, and I’m here now. Let me be what you need me to be. Stop pushing me away, ‘cause even though I should let it go, I can’t, so I’ll always come back.”
His chest heaves with the force of his breath. “I will. One day I’ll tell you everything. But not today, Megs. I can’t today.”
I shut my eyes briefly. “You promise?”
Aston slides a hand up my back and over my shoulder to cup my chin. He raises my face slightly, bending his down, and I meet his grey eyes. “I promise.” 


  1. Cant wait... I wish I was more of a patient person. lol

  2. Love it!!! So perfect! Can't wait until the book comes out!!!