Monday, 1 April 2013

Spreading the Word.

This is something us writerly types talk about a lot.

I don't know about anyone else, but I LOVE reviews. Especially those ones that put a big cheesy grin on my face and give me the warm fuzzies! I give you virtual kisses and chocolate for those reviews. Every single one. But, I love negative ones too. Why? Because they are so brutally honest - and they tell me what's wrong with my book. Some I do disregard - you can't please everyone, after all. I'm not a pole dancer on a stag night - but some I really do take on board. You know why? Because you're my readers - and your opinion does matter to me. I care about what you think. I want you to enjoy my books.

Is my character too whiny? Tell me. Is my main character an asshat? Tell me. Was there a big hole in my story? Tell me. Was the ending not complete enough? Do you want more? Tell me. 

And you have. A few people have mentioned wanting the end of The Love Game to be longer, or they want an epilogue. SURE THING. You want it? Done. But I'm not giving it easily. I'm currently plotting that epilogue (because what fun would it be if there wasn't a Playing For Keeps lead on in there?!)  If The Love Game reaches the Top 100 on Amazon then I'll give you the epilogue, which will reveal the characters of Playing For Keeps. So you get both :)

Now. Back to the actual point of this post...

Reviews are tremendously important. Not only do they tell the author what you like or didn't like about the book, they tell other prospective readers what to expect. And you know what? That drives our sales. It helps us share our stories with the world. And they do make a huge difference. I read reviews before I buy a book - good AND bad.

Sharing helps. Like a book? Tell someone. Share the link. Facebook it. Tweet it. Pin it. Gift it. Whatever you do. Share our Facebook posts. Retweet us. Point people in our direction. 

So, for the month of April, if you do just that - share my Facebook posts, tweet about my books (@EmmaHartAuthor), retweet me, or review it on whichever retailer platform you purchase it from (Goodreads counts too, by the way), I'll enter you into a random draw to win a signed copy of Never Forget or The Love Game. You just have to prove it, by emailing me the link to your post to .

Really, it's kinda easy. And you only need to do one of those things... But I do so love those reviews. *cough cough* (This applies to Never Forget, The Love Game, and Holding On when it releases on the 15th.)

So... Go. Get sharing and tell me what you think of my books.

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