Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Holding On Excerpt.

I promised this if I reached 500 Facebook likes. And I did. So here it is!



“Get in.” He pushes the door open.
“Because I’m heading your way, that’s why. But hey, if you want to wait for the smelly public transport and get two buses to your flat, be my guest.”
Ten minutes in a car with Bing, or two smelly buses. That’s actually a tough decision.
“Tick tock, Jennifer,” he says in a bored voice. “I have a place to be.”
I huff and climb in. “Is that a single, double, or kingsize?” I ask him dryly.
“What?” He frowns as he pulls away.
“The place you have to be. Is it a single bed, a double or a kingsize?”
“Oh, ha, ha,” he deadpans. “You’re fucking hilarious. Do you have your spot at the theatre booked yet?”
I pretend to examine my nails. “No, but I’m working on it. Rest assured, Samuel, you’ll have front row seats. After all, you’ll be my inspiration.” I smile sweetly.
“Are you doing a comedy show, or a pole dancing one? ‘Cause I gotta say, Jen, I don’t think much of your sense of humour, but the pole dancing could be a win.”
“The only pole I’m likely to dance around is the one I’ll swing into your head.”
“Feisty.” Bing grins. “Just how I like my women.”
“Oh, Bing, honey.” I shake my head. “You could be the last man on Earth, and I still wouldn’t be your woman. Trust me on that.”
He stops outside my block of flats, and I unbuckle the seatbelt. I’m about to open the door when I feel his hand touching my back lightly.


“That’s what you say now, Jen,” I say in a slightly husky voice. “One day, when you’re done with your little boy, I’ll be there waiting to show you how a real man works.”
She freezes for a second, and I feel her back heave as she takes in a big breath.


  1. agh!!!! I love those two! They are hilarious together :)

  2. Omg Ava you have no idea, they have me in creases every time!

  3. aghhh!!!!!! I cant wait to get reading this again.... im having serious withdrawls. xxxx

  4. I want the book noooowww! Lol I love thosee two together! Never a dull moment!

  5. I'm going to have to read this!