Saturday, 30 March 2013

The Game Series

First, THANK YOU so much for giving The Love Game such an awesome release day! It debuted at #52 in the Coming of Age chart, and is currently sitting at #37 there, and has broken the top 1,000 overall. I'm amazed - you're all awesome!!

This has lead to some questions already - mostly about a sequel or a spin off. I figure it's easier to write a blog post.

Yes. There are more books planned - and no, there isn't a sequel for Maddie and Braden. I feel the majority of their story has already played out, so their story will continue with them as secondary characters in Playing for Keeps. 

Playing for Keeps is the second novel, a spin-off, and no, I won't announce the characters yet! It's currently planned for a July release, but I may swap it with my planned stand alone NA novel and release it in June instead. I know who everyone is asking for, but I won't confirm or deny it yet.

The Game, #3, currently untitled, I have no release date for. I know whose story it is and I have it planned. I'll announce the official title and character after Playing for Keeps.

The Game, #4, also currently untitled, I have no release date for either. I also have the story planned roughly, and I'll announce it with or after the third book.

So there you have it. I'd LOVE to put release dates on the final two books, but I do have others planned, and with having a baby in September, I can't promise my word output will be as much as it is currently!

You can find Playing for Keeps on Goodreads HERE.


  1. I keep seeing and hearing great things about this book. I look forward to reading it myself! :)

  2. I hope its kay's story next cuz she is the funniest ever, i hope she could meet the man that will make her more conscious and feminine,!!!! She's the mst interesting ever!