Monday, 18 March 2013

Secret Project reveal - and a teaser!

If you follow me on Twitter (or like me on Facebook) you'll know I've been muttering about a secret project for a couple of weeks. I've actually been really good and not told anyone. Well, other than the five or so people that know. (But one gave me the idea and the others are my ass kickers, so its cool.)

After spending the last few days in a tizzy flap because I couldn't move the story along, I finally told my reservations where to go (with a little help from my ass kickers and some lovely people on Indie-Licious Facebook group) and cracked on. I'm now finally ready to share with you the nature of my little project. Ready?

It's New Adult.

There's no sex.

It's a novella.

It has four POV's.

And it will connect Lexy & Alec's story with Bing and Jen's. 

Yep. You read that right. It's a type of sequel for Never Forget, if you will, that leads into Always Remember. While it won't be essential to read it after Never Forget, you will have to read it before Always Remember because it will have a lot of explanations and events that wont be included in the book, merely eluded to. (Because I hate writing things twice.)

Many people have said they wanted a sequel for Alec and Lexy, or they wanted more of those two. I'd considered it myself, but I just couldn't justify the drama that would be needed for a full length novel for them. I didn't want to ruin their relationship. But, after a chat with a good friend (everyone thank David James) I knew I had to write something. So I decided on a novella.

The novella is titled Holding On and it will explore Lexy and Alec's relationship as they settle into life together in London, including Alec being introduced to her life before Lilac Bay. I'm also writing from Jen and Bing's POV, so it gives you a small insight into their attraction for each other, but it's mostly as Jen deals with being away from home for the first time. There's more to it than that, but that's the basic outline.

And you don't have to wait too long to find out what it's about - the cover reveal is on the 26th of this month. Bloggers, sign up HERE. The planned release is April 22nd, but I'll see if I can hold out that long, because I feel like I'm getting close to finishing. It might well release during The Love Game tour.

And if you want to add Holding On on Goodreads, the link for that is HERE.

Now, for a little teaser...


She sweeps from the room with an elegance I’ll never achieve. Bing walks towards me, reaching around me for another glass. I raise mine to my lips, and raise an eyebrow at him.
“I saw you checking me out, Jennifer,” he whispers, smirking.
I snort. “Right. In which alternate reality was that, Samuel?”
“Sarcasm to your defence,” he quips. “Admit it, Jen, you think I’m hot.”
I look at him with disdain. “If Antarctica is hot, then yeah, smokin’.”
He fills his glass up, and stops as he’s about to pass me. “Its fine,” he says quietly, his face close to mine. “I check you out all the time, you’re just too busy being gobby to notice.” He looks at my chest and back up. “And I don’t mind that at all.” 

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