Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Tuesday Teaser.

First off, it's only TEN days until Never Forget releases! How did that happen?!?! I know - because my awesome Dani Morales has been so busy organizing the blog tour (and cover reveal for The Love Game on the 24th) and sending me the stuff to do, I've lost all track of time. Aside from the signed copies I'll be giving away during the tour, the rest of my giveaway items have arrived and I'm excited to share them with you - and give them away! So, next up, I guess, after the Never Forget release and tour, will be The Love Game and ordering swag and organizing that tour! Wowwww.  

Anyway, now I've let out a little of the crazy in my head - a very, very, small portion - it's back to The Love Game

This day comes around way too quickly for me. I never know what to pick, and since it's going to be over a month until The Love Game releases, I don't want to give you too many teasers now - but I do have a small one. This will be the last teaser for The Love Game until the Never Forget Blog Tour is over!

It's a sweet one this week, too. I hope you enjoy it! 

He fights to control his smile, his already bright eyes brightening even more. “It's been known to happen.”
You being right?”
Yep. In fact, it happens all the time.”
Mr. Always Right?” I raise a skeptical eyebrow.
I'm male. Of course I'm always right.”
I laugh. “Okay, sweetie,” I say with a smile. “Here's the thing - you're male, and even though you like to think you're always right, you're not. I'm female and it's naturally wired into my brain to be right. I'm sorry to burst your bubble.”
Braden looks at me slowly, stirring his coffee absently. “You say that, but every time I look at you I know you're beautiful, and I'm absolutely right on that one. So in this case, I'm Mr. Always Right, because you'll always be beautiful.” 

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