Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A Valentine's Tease!

Let me say straight up - I don't do Valentine's day. Maybe it's because my anniversary is on the 10th of this month, so me and my partner combine the two each year. I don't know. But everyone else is posting Valentine's teasers.. And who am I to refuse you? ;)

Again, it's a little something from The Love Game. It's one of my favourite scenes - and you'll find out why on March 29th, when the book releases.



Do you ever shut up?”
No, I don't.”
Fantastic. I had to pick the girl who always talks.”
Then I'll go and talk to someone who'll listen, and isn't stuck in the stone age!” I snatch my hand from his and spin towards the door.
No you won't!” He growls again and pins me to the door.
Stopping me already?” He's infuriating. Why am I doing this stupid challenge again?
No, I'm just wondering if you're better at kissing than you are at talking.” His eyes fix on my lips and my tongue flicks out, wetting them.
Maybe I am, but if you keep talking you'll never find out, will you?”
He drops his head and presses his lips against mine softly. One of his hands slide around my waist, pulling me against him, and the other slides through my hair. I gasp as he sucks my bottom lip gently and he takes his chance, slipping his tongue into my mouth. My hands grip his arms, slide across his shoulders and link behind his neck.
He's soft yet probing as he kisses me and I can't help the sprint my heart has entered into. I simultaneously hate him and want him and those feelings collide inside me, mixing into something indiscernible.
Heat spreads through my body and Braden pulls me even closer to him. I'm flush against him, feeling every curve and definition of muscle on his torso. I unlink my fingers and slip them upwards into his hair, wrapping my fingers around it.

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  1. Thanks! Now I'm all hot and bothered while sitting at Starbucks, and it's not from the coffee!

    Kidding! Nice teaser!