Saturday, 9 February 2013

A Grateful Post.

13 days until Never Forget releases, and the blog tour begins. But who's counting? (Me.)

Whilst I was pondering this insane fact this morning, I realised I probably wouldn't be publishing this book if I didn't have the support around me that I do. I'm not talking from my partner - although he's getting better ;) - I'm talking external support.

In fact, my main support is so external it's an ocean away.

There are many beautiful things about the indie community, far too many to list in one blog post, but the one that sticks out for me - and many other authors - is the relationship side. You're competitors. You're all fighting for readers, for that spot on the Amazon top 100 or on the New York Times best seller list. *takes a moment to dream of this possibility*

But it isn't like that.

I've been lucky enough over the last few months to strike up some real friendships with other authors & bloggers on Twitter. I'm now closer to some than I ever would have imagined! Six months ago I worked alone. I now have a critique partner, three ass kickers, several beta readers, a fantastic proof-reader and most importantly, I have a group of friends. If I'm stuck, need reassurance or a second opinion, I know who to head to and you know what? Allowing for the silly time difference, they're always there.

Three ladies in particular. Rachel, my critique partner, Dani, my.. Kind of publicist, I guess ;) and Christina, my never failing male MC swooner & demander of more.

I think it's important to let people know you appreciate them. So many things get passed by daily, and we're all guilty of not saying 'thank you' once in a while. I know I don't show how grateful I am to other people, be it my newfound friends or even my partner. (But I make him endless cups of tea, so I think I'm all good there, guys.) But the point remains..

I have so many people to be grateful for right now. The Never Forget blog tour is double/triple booked every day but one - and even then there's still a post going up, and The Love Game cover reveal is sitting at a pretty 32 sign ups. Yeah, WOW. Bloggers - thank you. I am grateful for your support, more than you'll ever know!

My crazy writer friends on Twitter, that have somehow spilled over onto my private Facebook account. You get me and the voices inside my head. I'm grateful for you, too, because you always bring a smile to my face and laughter to my days.

D, C & R. You know how grateful I am for you, because if I tell anyone enough, it's you guys. And that's cause your undying support AMAZES me. Every day. And you're pretty much my favourite people. (Besides Lexi. Darryl comes in 5th.) ;) and damn, I love you girls! <3

Even if you only do it once a day or once a week. Even if it's someone holding a door open, stepping aside so you can pass, or waiting patiently as your overtired, screaming toddlers finishes their tantrum, let someone know you're grateful. Or, of course, you can hop onto Twitter, Facebook, or send a quick text to someone. It's nice to feel loved and appreciated, even if you feel like its for nothing at all. :)

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