Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Teaser Tuesday!

After a long, hard think, I've decided to self-publish my WIP (work in progress) regardless of what happens with Never Forget.

So, you get a little teaser today!! It's titled The Love Game, and will be part of a series. I'm unsure how many books, two definitely, three likely, four possibly. It's written in double POV and the first teaser is from Maddie, my female MC's POV. I hope you like it!


I trace the grooves in his torso with the tip of my finger, my thumb tickling the solid packs of muscle as I go. His grip on my waist tightens as I approach the subtly defined 'v' by the waistband of his shorts. I feel him shiver slightly and his free hand clamps down onto mine an inch before I reach the material.
“Maddie,” he whispers in a deeper voice than I've ever heard him use. “If I were you, I'd stop there.”
“Why?” I smile, amused, and look up at him. “I was only wondering if that muscle went as far down as it looks like it does.”
He turns to me, his electric blue eyes clouding over with desire. “It goes further.”
I bite my top lip, pulling the corner of it into my mouth and glance down at our clasped hands pressed against his skin. He clears his throat and I snap my eyes to his.
“Sorry,” I whisper. “Just curious.”
Braden moves his head down, putting his lips next to my ear. “Angel, you can be curious all you like, but unless you want my Frat brothers to see what you look like in your birthday suit, it's wise if you stop right there.”