Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Teaser Tuesday!

As promised, I have a Tuesday Teaser from Always Remember, which is the Never Forget spin off novel if you missed it yesterday. (If you did, shame on you and scroll back a post.)

It's still in the early stages so this will be the only teaser for a few weeks. I have to say to PLEASE remember that it is the New Adult genre and rather descriptive.. That and Bing doesn't beat around the metaphorical bush so if you're not into sexy sexys, scroll past now. Today's teaser is from Bing's POV.


''If I can grab it, then it's my kinda thing.'' I shrug it off.
''Then grab it,'' she challenges, standing up.
''I'm sorry?'' I blink. Did I just hear her right?
''Is my ass your kinda thing? Find out. I'm intrigued. Are you scared, Samuel? It's just my pretty little derrière, nothing to worry about. It won't swallow you whole or anything.''
Her ass is practically in my face. There's a strip of creamy skin between where her top doesn't quite meet the waistband of the yoga pants, and it's begging me to run my finger along it. I clench my fists.
''It's probably best I don't,'' I grind out.
''No, no, I want you to.'' She wiggles it slightly and flashes a playful grin over her shoulder.
That does it.
I shove the cushion off and stand behind her. I put my hands on her hips and slowly run them round, cupping her ass cheeks. They sit perfectly in my hands and I get even harder imagining what it would feel like to hold her with nothing between our skin.
''I think,'' I whisper in a hoarse voice, putting my mouth near her ear. ''That your ass is my kinda ass.''
I creep my thumbs up and run them along the bare strip of skin, trying my hardest not to hook them inside the yoga pants and peel them away.

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  1. wow, this is really good. :) thanks for sharing.