Thursday, 3 January 2013

Oh my!

About five minutes ago, I pressed the send button on my email account so I can now say that Never Forget is in the hands of my five fabulous beta readers! I'm so grateful they're taking the time out of their own busy lives to help make my book the best it can be, and if there wasn't an ocean between us I'd totally turn up with wine, chocolate and ice cream, guys.

No.. I'm not buttering them up. Why would you say such a thing? *innocently bats eyelashes*

Okay. Maybe just a little.

I know what you're thinking. You want to know why the release date is still seven weeks away, right? Well, here's the thing. Createspace print the paperback copies I order in the USA. Which means I either pay an arm, a leg and my firstborn to get them to me within a week or I have to wait a little longer. If I'm honest, I'm pretty fond of my firstborn, so I'll wait a little longer.

I will have some mega giveaways going on over release weekend, just so you know, and this includes said paperbacks signed. Internationally.. Yep. I'm paying for the books to come to me for a signature. *Sigh* Createspace/Amazon, sort it out. But I love you guys, so I will do it.

As you all know the cover reveal is on Monday *insert eeeeeeeep and flaily arm stompy feet happy dance here*. Those emails went out yesterday so now the focus is on the Blog Tour!

The Blog Tour I didn't actually plan on having.. but I mentioned it in passing to the wonderful Danielle Morales at CrazyBookChicks and she is organising it for me! (I know, right? She's amazing and I love her. MILLIONS.) Yah. I'm being extra nice to her. Wait, what? Is she a beta reader?

Guys, what do you take me for?

*discreetly nods head.*

Enough of my cheeky little comments. I need to get to work! Back to the Blog Tour quickly.. You can in fact sign up, right HERE! 

The tour is the 22nd Feb - release day - to March 8th. There will be giveaways and goodies and shiz. So... Go sign up. That's all. I'm going to go and hide under a rock until my betas get back to me.

Have a good day you guys. :)


  1. you are the best writer ever. I wish i could ummm hold you tight. Really romantic you are!