Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Tuesday Teaser

It's that time of the week again where I give you a sneaky sneak peak into Never Forget.

Girls, I hope you're sitting down. It's a bit of a swoon-worthy one this week!


''Are we sharing our catches now?'' I laugh.
''Hmm, no,'' he rests his chin on my shoulder. ''Because nothing you've ever caught could beat what I've caught.''
''Wanna bet?'' I try to move my head so he can see my disbelieving face.
''Go on, then, tell me what you've caught.''
I tap my chin as I think.
''I've caught a lobster,'' I say and he shakes his head. ''One of those little octopuses?'' He shakes his head again. ''I don't know then.'' I give in.
''They definitely don't beat my best catch.'' He wraps his other arm around my waist.
''Go on, then, enlighten me.'' I smile. ''What's your best catch?''
He nudges my hair away from my ear with his nose.
''I'm holding it right now. I just need to reel her in.'' 

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