Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Teaser Tuesday!!

Okay, guys. I'm pretty sure you're ready for this today. I've been a bit cheeky lately with hot teasers so today I'm introducing you to the lovely that is Jen!

Jen is highly influenced by my crazy, all day, all night convos with three crazy ladies. She's a mix of all of us.

(Before you read, please note there is slight profanity and roundabout sexual references via crazy speak, so if you're easily offended, pass this one by.)


''What?'' I look at her. The sun is glinting off her light blonde hair making me squint.
''Oh,nothing.'' She looks at me and smiles slightly. ''Just thinking out loud.''
''The way Alec looks at you like you're a giant gummy bear and he wants to eat you up, and the way you look at him like you want to lick chocolate sauce off his abs.''
''That's ridiculous!'' I scoff.
''Is it?'' She raises an eyebrow at me. '''Cause the tension coming from you two is somethin' else. It's like, holy shit, you've known each other a week and he already wants to jump your bones, rattle your cage, get in..''
''Okay,you can stop there.'' I laugh and lie back on the sand. ''I'm not gonna deny the guy is hot-''
'''Smokin' hot,'' Jen interjects, lying next to me.
'''Smokin hot,'' I correct myself. ''But I'm not gonna fall at his feet because Mr Flirty-Pants wants me to. I don't do summer romances. In fact, I don't do romance at all. I haven't been in a relationship for two years and I'm happy for it to stay that way, thank you. Especially where he is concerned.''
''So you are in denial.''
Iprop myself up on my elbow and nudge her. ''I am not.''
''Youso are,'' she smiles. ''You want to save a horse and ride the cowboy,I get it, I get it.''
''Oh my god!'' I half laugh, half shriek. ''Where do you think up this stuff?''
SShe grins and puts her hands behind her head. ''It's all part of my crazy, baby.''