Friday, 28 December 2012

New Adult - Drama or Real?

Hey guys! I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas & that you're now busy stocking up on wine for the new year!

If you're a regular stopper-by on my blog, you'll know I'm working on a NA Romance. If you're not, then I am. ;)

I also have my next NA Romance planned up and I'll be working on The Mauve Legacy book 6 alongside these books.

I read somewhere that the new, self publishing created genre of New Adult is full of drama. Um.. *taps chin* is it? Or it is just real?

To me, as a reader and writer of it, I think the NA genre is real. Because its aimed at 18+ writers can tackle tougher subjects - should they wish to - adding the 'drama'. But here's the thing.. That 'drama' happens to many teens on a daily basis in real life. Why shouldn't it be written about? It's honest, it's real, it's brave writing.

I think we also have to remember that part of what defines a NA book is the 'finding your place in the world'. Of course, this is circumstantial. I knew at 16 when Clearblue told me I was having a baby where my place was. At that time, I was a "Young Adult." I'm 19 now - a "New Adult", the perfect target age for this new genre.

Personally, I don't tackle anything severe in Never Forget. I *touch upon* a tougher subject, but in my next NA novel I will be delving into a part of my past I keep locked away for my female MC. Why? Because its a more common thing than you'd think and I need to deal with it. Writing is how I deal with crap, and I want to put it out there.

So guys, what do YOU think? Is New Adult full of drama, or just realistic?

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