Saturday, 29 December 2012

I know it's not Tuesday...

But I'm gonna post a teaser anyway. *shrugs*

Mainly because you didn't get one this week, and you won't get one for the next two weeks... Unless you count the excerpt that will be posted with the COVER REVEAL! Squuuueeeee!!

I'm good. You can also now add Never Forget to your To Read list on Goodreads! Yay!

So.. The excerpt. Sit down, girls. It's kinda racy, so if it isn't your thing then look away now.


Alec spins me round and my back pushes against the wall. His lips meet mine, his kiss hot and desperate. His hands slide down my arms, my waist, cupping my hips. I grip his arms, pulling his body against mine as I return the kiss.
Hands slip down to my bare thighs and grab them. He lifts me, my legs wrap around his waist, his hands cup me behind holding me against him.
My hands slide down his back and tug his top up and I break the kiss to lift it over his head. My lips claim his again, my fingers wrap themselves in his hair.
My top rises up my stomach and my bare skin touches his for a second igniting a red hot need between us.
"Get it off. I want to kiss every inch of that beautiful skin." Alec orders in a husky voice against my lips. ''All of it, Princess. Off. Now."

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