Monday, 26 November 2012

Teaser Tuesday!

I'm 15k into Never Forget after a random burst of inspiration last night. I'm hoping to get as close to 20k as I can tonight in the first draft. My muse and I had a battle of wills last night as she wanted me to write and I wanted to sleep. For once, sleep won. But I'll be getting into writing again momentarily :)

Here's this week's teaser:

"You have a little.." He points to the side of his mouth and I flick my tongue out, licking my lips slowly.
"Did I get it?" I ask innocently, controlling my smile at the way he can't move his eyes away from my mouth.
Ignoring the crazy beating of my heart.
"No, no." He says in a low, husky voice. "It's just.." He brings his thumb up and wipes across my bottom lip softly. I swallow and his eyes meet mine.
"Got it." He whispers.

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