Thursday, 15 November 2012

Links galore.. oh, and PROPHECY IS HERE!!

Yes, you heard me.

PROPHECY is available for purchase! Woohoo!

I've worked incredibly hard on this book. I thought Just A Pawn was hard to write, but Prophecy really blew that out of the water, and I know the 6th book will be even harder. It's been about two months of solid work to get Prophecy where it is today - published! Thank you all for being so patient while you waited to find out what would happen next in Lily's world. I've put just about everything into Prophecy, and it is my favourite book so far, so I hope you love it as much as I do! <33

Purchase links, you say? Oh, go on then..

Amazon Kindle US

Amazon Kindle UK


It will be coming to Kobo, iBooks, B&N, Sony etc when Smashwords have distributed it. I have considered going direct to Apple to publish, but doing that would mean I'd have to take them from the premium distribution, removing the books from the iBooks store and losing all my ratings and sales ranks - and as the books have hit the top 100 bestsellers in the UK, Canada and Australia several times, I'm a little reluctant to do that, it may happen in the future but I'm not considering it right now. And I can't publish to B&N as they currently only have that available to US residents, but as they've brought Nook to the UK, I'm hoping that will be something they'll rectify.

The good news is that if you have an iPhone, iPad, Android tablet etc and don't like using Smashwords (I have a few friends who don't, and they've had the same advice) you can download the Kindle app from your app store and get Prophecy from the Kindle store, so no need to wait! :D

I also realise I haven't really published any of my networking links here - and as my Blog Tour has drummed up more interest in me and my books, I feel I should be posting them regularly, especially my Facebook fan page and Twitter username for my new readers to keep up to date, as they are updated a lot more than my blog due to ease!

All books for The Mauve Legacy are now available in paperback format on Amazon, with the exception of Just A Pawn and Prophecy. Just A Pawn I forgot to change the ISBN (oopsie) and I just haven't got round to getting Prophecy done yet - but it will be available next week! I will post the link to my author page with the networking links, and you should find everything on there.


Smashwords Profile Page 

Amazon Author Page


Facebook Fan Page

Twitter : @EmmaHartAuthor

I also have to thank all the Bloggers that participated in the Lily; The Witch Hunter Tour. Thank you for all your time, interview questions, posts and especially the reviews. I'm very grateful! And an especially big thank you to Cami at Reading Addiction Blog Tours for organising it all.. I'm sure I'll be seeing you again next year for my first novel after The Mauve Legacy series! You're a star! <33


  1. Is there another one to follow the prophecy?? X

  2. Yes, there will be :)
    I'm expecting to have it released Spring sometime, I'm leaning towards the beginning of February. If you've already read it you'll understand the wait as it has to be written a little differently :)

  3. Ok can't wait :).. Yea I understand :) xx

  4. Hello I really want to read prophecy book 5 I have read all the rest. But I can't seem to find it anywhere. I was wondering if you could help me? I'm loving the mauve legacy series along with the memory series your a fantastic writer. <3 xx