Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Angry author!

Last night while googling my book series (I couldn't remember the name of the site I use for my iTunes worldwide sale rankings lol) I discovered that someone on eBay is selling multiple copies of A Magical History in paperback format.


The seller, ' roxy*media*uk ' is in NO way affiliated with me or my writing. They also do not have the item in stock, judging by my sales report on Createspace.

They're selling the book for £2.50 more than the RRP on Amazon and Createspace, of which I set. They also do not have my permission to sell these books - and as my books from Createspace are licensed only for personal use not retail, and lets not forget I hold 100% copyright for them - they are actually breaking the law.

I have contacted the seller and will be going to eBay about it if I don't receive a reply by tonight.

Please note its not the fact they're selling my books - its the fact they're doing so without my consent, and at a higher price than I say. I have no issues with my books being sold by independent retailers.. I'd just rather they went through me so I could arrange it myself as I get them at cost price, then everybody wins as they can sell them at RRP and still get a cut.

And let's face it, I have quite a wide web presence. Twitter, blog, Facebook, website, Goodreads, and Smashwords where my author bio contains both my e-mail addresses. There are no excuses for the fact they haven't contacted me.

Seriously, google 'The Mauve Legacy'. The first eight odd pages are all me. I've looked. *sheepish grin*

Readers may not understand this.. But if any Authors with published books read this, then please check eBay as some people might want to benefit themselves from your hard work.

And it clearly pays to google yourself every now and then ;)

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