Wednesday, 3 October 2012


To quote David Cameron, 'too many tweets make a twat'. Aside from that being the only decent thing the British Prime Minister has ever said, I've entered the world of Twitter!
I know it's a lot to ask for people to come back and check the blog for my latest updates, so I've decided to make a twitter account so everyone can get them instantly. Especially about my big news coming soon... But I'm keeping mum about that for a week or so ;)
I can't link because I'm writing this on the app on my iPhone, (at least, I think I can't,) but search @EmmaHartAuthor and you'll find me!
I'm also considering setting up a Facebook fan page, for people that don't use Twitter. That way I think I have every base covered.. And they'll come in handy for my big news!
(yes, I'm a little excited about what I've got in the metaphorical pipeline!!)
I've done some more drafting for 'Prophecy' too, a few twists are going to be worked in.. And there's one that will be one hundred percent dropped in there with no little clues, so prepare to be shocked! I might have it as a cliffhanger.. I haven't worked that out yet.
I've also been busy with my other YA paranormal novel, currently named Destiny. Whether that name sticks remains to be seen, as I still don't know where Laria & Jace are taking me. I do know it's a double POV.. So you hear the story from both Jace & Laria, although most of it is from Laria's point of view. Considering I'd already written 20 or so pages when I decided to do a double POV, it was fun going back through and editing/adding in/rewriting from Jace's POV. I'm really excited about this novel, it's completely different to The Mauve Legacy, and I don't know how to cope without a menagerie of supernatural creatures.. Writing about just one is definitely a challenge compared to writing about three or four.. Strangely heheh :)
I have a few more things to work on for Prophecy, a little research and a few more minor events, but I'm thinking I'm ready to start writing now. Also, there's the addition of a character mentioned in previous books.. I can't wait to build on her! She's going to be such fun to write.
Anyway, keep an eye out for my big news on here and on Twitter! Here's my username again for you:

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