Monday, 22 October 2012

Prophecy Excerpt!

I've been a busy bee tonight with Prophecy, and as I've been so lax with my blog lately I thought I'd share with you a little excerpt from the book.. And I'm also hoping it might get my apparently avid Facebook friends/fans off my back for ten minutes ;)
Enjoy x

''I don't understand this technology thing, Lily Flower!'' Grandma Bea waved her arms on the computer screen. ''This.. Spaced!''
''It's Skype, Grandma!'' I laughed.
''Whatever! Your mother bought me some fancy phone the other day, a BlackBerry or something? I tell you now, Lily, I don't have the foggiest idea what to do with it! It's got more buttons to push than a female with PMS has!''
I pursed my lips. ''You'll get the hang of it, Grandma. It's not that hard.''
''Hmph.'' She crossed her arms.
''How's my favourite vampire?''
''Jerome?'' She raised an eyebrow. ''Do not even mention him to me!''
I sighed. ''What's he done now?''
''He wanted to take me for dinner tonight. Dinner! With a vampire! Can you imagine?''
''Um, you're gonna have to explain this to me, Grandma, because I'm not following.''
''He drinks blood, Lily! I told him there was no way I was going to dinner with him.''
''But vampires can eat human food?'' I questioned.
''He's three hundred years old and is stubborn as old boots. He refuses to eat it. Men!''
I chose not to correct her on the 'men' bit. I was still unsure if vampires counted. They were practically in a league of their own.
''So what are you doing now?'' I asked.
''He's cooking for me, of course.'' She smiled happily. ''You know, he can really cook. And that's not all he can do..''
''Oh wow, would you look at the time! I gotta get to class. Have a good night, Grandma! I'll come and see you soon, love you, miss you, bye!'' I rushed my words and clicked off the conversation. That was a route I was not prepared to discuss with my grandmother.

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