Saturday, 27 October 2012

Formatting, formatting, formatting....

Would you believe me if I told you this happened to me all the time, even though my characters are figments of my imagination? Well, it does. I just wrote a scene between Lily and Elijah in Prophecy, and neither one followed my script! Ah well, what can you do eh? 
I've also written the last chapter and epilogue for Prophecy, and I don't think I'll be very popular when it's published.. I might have to write half of the sixth and final book before I publish the fifth! The good news is I know what I'm doing in the sixth book so I should be able to get that out a month after Prophecy is finished.. Woohoo! 
Anyway, onto other things.. I'm currently in the process of making my books available in print through Createspace. A Magical History is now available from the Kindle store in e-book format, and the print version is on it's way to Amazon as we speak. Truth, Lies and Betrayal is being done right now, so I'm hoping to have that done by the end of the day. 
My partner is off out tonight with the guys from work so I have the computer all to myself.. What's that? Writing all night? No, don't be so silly.. I'll be formatting The Beginning of the End and Just A Pawn for Createspace.. and then putting Lily; The Witch Hunter back together so it's available on the Kindle Store as an ebook for my tour NEXT WEEK :D 
I still need to get around to putting my tour schedule on here - and I will tonight, I promise! - so you can all see and follow the blogs I'll be on. There's a lot of reviews in my tour, and I'm so excited about them, but equally I'm just as scared as, lets be honest, the blogs I'm touring on do this a lot and know exactly what they're talking about.
Also, after The Mauve Legacy is over and done with, and Destiny is written, I have a new project in the pipeline. It's an Adult Paranormal - a little outside my current genre, but not too much - and I will be working with the wonderful Mr Cameron Bayliss.
Cameron is a psychic/medium whom I found on Facebook - wonderful creation, by the way, - and I messaged him a few days ago about giving me some information on what it's like to be a medium and all things ghostly. He accepted almost immediately, which, considering he lives in Australia, I'm incredibly grateful for.. And ultra excited to write the book. I have the plan ready and raring to go, so once my current projects are done and Cam has given me the info I need, I'll be making a start on it. My guess is January, so it should be available around late spring! 
If any of my lovely readers would like to know more about Cam, his assistant Lindel and the services he offers, you can 'like' his Facebook page at:
or alternatively, you can visit his website:

So for now, dear readers, I'll be back off to my formatting of Truth, Lies and Betrayal so I can get these available in print for you. Have a nice day xxx

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