Sunday, 7 October 2012

Exciting days..

Okay, I wasn't going to announce it until I had all dates confirmed, but...
I will be doing a Virtual Blog Tour with Reading Addiction Blog Tours from November 1st - November 15th! I'm very, very excited!
Also, many of you might not know that I kept my writing a secret and separate from my every day life.. But thanks to a bottle of wine last night & a loosened tongue I went all out on my personal Facebook profile and spilled the beans! So now everyone knows my not so little secret! And I am amazed by the response my Facebook friends have given me. Because of this I now have a small team of 6 people around me as Beta Readers, with one doubling as my proof reader & editor. I do edit my own work but I do miss some things, more often than not! So Kayleigh's job is to find them and fix them! I'm very grateful for their offers as it means a massive pressure has now been taken off my shoulders. I no longer have to sit for hours editing a book when all I really want to do is write.. I just finish it, email it to Kayleigh & bam, job done.
She currently has Lily; The Witch Hunter, as an avenue has opened up for me to get it in print. After that, I'll be splitting the book back up and putting the four books up in print singularly as well. So for those who have asked me, YES!! The Mauve Legacy will be available in print soon - hopefully by the end of the year!
So many things are happening at once and I'm going crazy with excitement. It's hard to believe that this time last year I hadn't even considered becoming a writer, yet now I have a team of six fabulous friends and readers around me to help me make my books the best they can be!
As soon as I get my confirmed dates for my Blog Tour I'll be posting them here for you all to see. Hopefully you'll join me :)

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