Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Amazing fans & friends!

Since revealing my writing to my Facebook friends, both A Magical History and Truth, Lies and Betrayal have hit the Apple iBookstore Top 100 Fantasy books. A Magical History is currently #24 in the Top 100 Free - jumping onto the list yesterday afternoon then rising 60 places in just four hours last night - and Truth, Lies & Betrayal is currently #94 in the Top 100 Paid.
This post is just a quick tribute to you, my readers.
My Facebook friends - thank you for your unreal support of my writing as putting my books back on the best seller lists. You are AMAZING! But I'm still waiting for your glowing five star reviews ;) <3
And to my fans everywhere else - you turned a trilogy into a six book series and allow me to continue on with my writing beyond The Mauve Legacy. You are also AMAZING! <3
And I'll thank each and every one of you every single day for making it possible for my dream to become a reality. Without you, The Mauve Legacy would still just be a dream inside my head.
Thank you!!! <3

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