Monday, 1 October 2012

A day in the life...

Of me!
Naughty spots, headaches, tantrums, and dealing with two children. (yes, I include my partner in this statement!)
A big change you might notice is I've put a price on books 2-4 & the omnibus edition of The Mauve Legacy. My partner said to me 'you put so much time into them, why are you letting them go for free?' and he has a very valid point. I've put hours upon hours of of time into the stories and yes, as lovely as reviews are.. It doesn't quite match up to a bit of the money. After all, I am perusing this dream for my daughter. They're only $0.99 each though - and the omnibus edition at $1.49. I don't wanna scare people off with crazy prices, and I do think that's about right for the quality of the books - maybe even underpriced? I don't know, I do tend to undervalue myself and my work.
On the subject of The Mauve Legacy, I've started rough drafts for the fifth book, Prophecy. I'm currently working out a rough storyline and researching 17th century Salem for the diary entries. My aim is to get them as accurate as possible!
I'm also working on another YA paranormal novel. I'm aiming to have this as a full length novel, but as yet I'm unsure whether it'll be a standalone novel or the first part of a new series. Decisions, decisions... It's only early days though, so I'll have to see where it takes me.
On top of my writing, Lexi has hit the terrible twos. And boy, has she hit them. Tantrums, smacking, grabbing, throwing, arrrgh! It's a nightmare. So yes, I'm dealing with a terrible toddler as well as writing and every day life. There's only so much one person can take, and man, do I need a holiday! I have to admit though, I am getting myself slightly lost in my new book. It's the whole, beginning of a relationship stage that everyone loves. The secret glances, the shared smiles and the 'oh my god get on with it' tension that we all love to hate, and hate to love. It's so exciting, and even writing it I can't get enough of it.
Oh yeah, my tablets also broken. *sobscreamcrystomp* after waiting 3 weeks for the inefficient (if I might say so) eBay sellers to send me a replacement charger, I received it Friday and yep, you bet, the bastarding thing has broken already. So we're getting a refund. it's up in the air at the moment as to whether we'll replace it, or whether Darryl & I will resume our nightly fights for the computers attention. The good news? Footballs on tomorrow night so from 7.30 she's mine. Muaha. Bugs me that we fight over the computer that was mine before we moved in together *sigh*
One things for sure though, he's definitely not getting Football Manager 2013 for Christmas unless my tablet is replaced, because quite frankly, I can't get him off the 2011 version on an evening. Saturday nights winning lotto numbers, anyone?
No seriously, if anyone gets a winning ticket send it my way.
I just don't think me and technology mix very well. I'm actually really gutted that my tablet is going back. I loved the fact that with my keyboard case I could use it anywhere as a laptop, and since my office app has sorted out the slow typing issue its even better. So yeah. I'm pretty much sulking at the moment. *boohoo* I've grown pretty attached to her, despite the fact that in the month I've used her I've only had 2, mate 3 weeks use out of her. Yeah... The eBay sellers didn't get a polite message when I requested a refund. W***ers.
Anyway.. It's that time of the day where I get my butt in gear, raid the kitchen and find something to cook for dinner, so I'll leave you all in peace. <3

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