Wednesday, 26 September 2012


So have I finished the fourth book?
You bet I have! WOOHOO!
It's just editing and blah blah blah the boring stuff to do now. I've remade the cover, and it's been renamed 'Just A Pawn'.
I'm mega excited! I also have to finish rewriting the third book for the omnibus edition (Lily;The Witch Hunter) then I can publish both books... Yay! I'm pretty excited to delve into the fifth book, titled 'Prophecy'. Yes, I'm on a  roll here right now!
So I'm sorry, lovely readers, but I have to keep you waiting just a little longer for your next Lily fix..
Two days, tops. I promise!
Love always. <3


  1. dear emma
    great to hear that ur book is nearly ready to be published :D
    and even better to see that ur still not done with lily's story :D
    excited to start reading again :D
    greetz suzie

    1. I can't wait to publish it & redistribute all four books on the Smashwords Premium catalogue! The new covers will make a big difference - I hope.
      The only drawback will be having to start over with the books, or at the very least re-download A Magical History to read the prologue as its very important to understand the rest of the books & extended storyline!
      I have 40-50 pages to rewrite of The Beginning of the End so I'm hoping to get some done tonight (despite my massive headache) and the rest tomorrow! *fingers crossed*