Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Titles titles titles...

You know that moment where you think, 'ah!' and a light bulb dings over your head like in cartoons?
Yeah. I just had one of those... Also meaning that I need to rename the fourth book. After all.. 'Birthright' would imply the end, wouldn't it?
But destroying Henry Luther IS Lily's birthright... Isn't it? But, I'm not so sure anymore.....
My mind seems to have issues letting the series go, and I'm more than happy to go wherever it's taking me, and it seems to be taking me to big places..
But will another 1-3 books drag it out too long? Would people lose interest?
I don't know... I still have a few days before I finish & publish the fourth book.
I guess the easiest thing is asking you readers...
Do I finish on this book & keep the title, or do I carry on Lily's story?


  1. dear emma,
    i would say alsong as u have the inspiration for lily's world and feel like u can keep her story exciting just keep going.
    personaly i wouldnt mind to keep reading about Lily's world and the adventures of a teenage witch who just discovered her powers.

    btw did u ever read the Sweep series by Cate Tiernan?
    its a 15 books serie and i can tell u even after reading the 8th or 9th book ppl where still interested in the storys.

    so aslong as u feel u can go on in Lily's word and keep the story's exciting u should go for it.
    i probebly dont have to tell u that im a big fan of the mauve legacy XD

    greetz Suzie

    1. Never heard of the sweep series - will have to research it! When I first started I didn't know how many books I'd write, but now I'm at four I have a million and one ideas in my mind. Ive thought about it all day and now one thing is certain, I need to rename book four, edit the previous books, add a prologue (already written lol) to book 1 & continue the story... There's so much more to Lily's story! It also means that people may have to re-read the books to understand, but hey, that's all part of the fun of being an author. Development of ideas is everything! I can't wait to get to the computer tomorrow and get to work, I'm excited now :) x

    2. if u want me to post u the names of the books just let me know and ill post them asap :)
      greetz Suzie