Thursday, 13 September 2012

'Birthright' Synopsis..

As promised, here's the synopsis for the final part of The Mauve Legacy.
It's full of action, drama and romance.. And hopefully it'll keep you going until the actual thing..

An influx of demons. A murdered werewolf. And a vampire that knows all Henry Luther's secrets.
Things are hotting up in Salem.
After saving Ivy's life (again) and getting her third moon, Lily is shocked to find nothing has changed.
Spurred on by a massive demon attack, Lily, Jerome and Elijah form a plan to take down the vampire behind the crazed fledglings, and with it, gain information on Henry Luther.
But when Craig attacks Lily to try and claim her, her world is shaken as she realises that no-one is untouchable, including her.
Finding a dead werewolf in her back yard doesn't help either.
A spell, seemingly gone wrong, sends Lily's spirit to the Summerland, the witches sacred place of the dead. Hecate gives her an option, and she must make her decision before it's too late.
With the penultimate battle closing in on them, it's time for everyone to step up the game.
Lily knows the centuries old war will end in Salem. She just doesn't know who's terms it will be on.