Wednesday, 5 September 2012


I'm totally slacking in every department lately. Blogging, writing, brainstorming.. You name it, and I haven't done any of it for days. I have a really good excuse though. I, er, um.. Okay, I so don't have any excuse at all, except for maybe total laziness.
But, I'm back! I see now that my aspiration of having the all new, edited, revised and renamed (wow what a mouthful) version of The Mauve Legacy series published by the end of the month is maybe looking a little... hopeful. I'm thinking I need at least another two weeks on the end, considering I have to write the third book. Although I probably should have started all that when my inspiration was dried up.. hummm. I'll have to download that file onto my tablet for easy access no matter where I am.
So I'm a total slacker lately, and deserve to have my hand slapped. Hard. This is the problem when you have a wandering mind like me. I can never keep my focus on any one thing - which is really freaking annoying, because I now have three books desperately needing my attention and another million taking a seat on the back burner. Including a second novel including Lily, which I haven't even decided if I wanna write yet, ha. And it's frustrating me.
A lot.
But, I'm gonna try and get my imagination under control and focus it solely on Salem for the foreseeable future, as that's what needs to happen. Yes, yes I have scenes for later in the story - the really good ones - but that's irrelevant. I need all the little things that go in between... And try as I might, the little schnitzers just aren't coming to me. I'm at a total dead end. *sigh*
I'm sure I'll get there in the end, between writing the later scenes and editing the previous three stories, I'll get the inspiration I need to pull it all together. Every good writers head is a mess of nonsense though, right? Because mine totally is. I don't think I could pull together a weekly meal plan at the moment.
(Not that I do that, I'm more an 'okay what've we got here tonight then' kind gal.)
Thinking about it, writing on here probably isn't the greatest idea when I have a million other things to write, but I just had to let you lovely readers know that I haven't forgotten you. In fact, you guys are the reason I need to pull my fingers out of my very lazy behind (metaphorically speaking, of course!) and get to some serious typing. Which I'm going to do now, as I have an hour before the mister gets home from work and snarks at me about the dishes not being washed, blah blah blah blah. Silly man doesn't understand the beauty of an author ;)
Neither do I, most of the time, but that's irrelevant.
Anyway, I'm actually gonna do what I said I'd do and crack on with my makes-sense writing opposed to my nonsense writing on here. Ciao!

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