Saturday, 15 September 2012

Dog eat dog world...

Everyone knows that publishing is a hard industry to crack into - especially when publishers put age limits on!
In the UK, when you reach the ripe old age of 18 you're legally considered an adult, the only thing you can't do is rent a car. Supposedly. But also, it turns out most people won't publish your books either.
Why? I'm a perfectly good writer, yet many UK publishers won't even consider me because I'm not yet 22. Well boo sucks to you guys.
Through Smashwords, I've discovered a few publishers, and one I currently have my eye on, which I'm going to send a manuscript to tonight. Due to their guidelines, I don't think I'll be able to publish The Mauve Legacy Series as a novel, but instead I think I'll work into turning it into a trilogy - I have been to the endings are very abrupt. It'll take a lot of work on my side to find the point in which to split the books, but there's nothing more I'd love than be able to say I'm a writer when someone asks.
Whenever someone asks me what I do, my answer is always the same: I'm a full time mum. Why shouldnt it be? I am. But it's not all I am, I'm a teenager with a dream and working to make that dream happen. I AM a writer, even if I don't (currently) have a publisher, I'm still a writer. And if there's one thing every writer wants, it's to see their book in print. I'm no different. I would LOVE to see my book in print. I'd love to sit and read my own book, on paper, and know every single word was my own.
I'll get there, one day, if not with Lily with another story. Why wouldn't I? If you have the determination and the dream, you can make anything happen.
So, you heard it here first. I WILL see one of my books in print, one day.


  1. hi emma,
    it must be so freaking anoying to be not even considered by a publisher because ur not 22 yet.
    in my opinion its just BS! young writers can be even better than than older once but eventualy u will get there!

    btw the synopsis of Brithright looks prommesing agian :D cant wait till u finished it :D
    greetz Suzie

    1. I meant to write 21 - I was on my phone and had Lexi climbing all over me! Hence the typos! It's really frustrating to me - I see worse books than mine (grammar, spellchecking etc) and they're published. I'm determined - I've had people ask for my books in print and I'd love to be able to offer it to them. The publisher I'm considering before sending a manuscript to I'm enquiring about royalties etc, I wanna know what I'm getting into! X

    2. yeah defo best to get to know what is comming if u get a publisher!
      always the best to reserch first :D

    3. After some vigourous editing I just sent off a manuscript to my favoured publisher - fingers crossed!!!!