Thursday, 2 August 2012

Story Of My Life

Okay so I attempted to reformat The Beginning Of The End and has it made a difference? You can bet your rear end it hasn't. *screams* so it looks like I'm going to have to rewrite it so it's available in ePub on Smashwords.. *yanks hair* it also means I'm going to have to go through my other books and rewrite scenes I've pasted from my e-mail account.. *screams and yanks hair*
Yes, I'm very bloody frustrated over this!
I was hoping to have the fourth book (I'm currently toying with names) published in September, but I have to turn my attention back to previous books meaning that date will likely be pushed back to October.. I'm really not happy as I've had countless e-mails from readers asking for info about it and begging to know what happens so to everyone that's asked.. I'm sorry an I'll try and write it alongside the editing!
That brings me to another point.. I'm having so many problems starting the fourth book. I have so many ideas in my mind but can't seem to put pen to paper, all I have is the scene where Lily 'becomes' the triple goddess.. But that's not needed until at least halfway through the book. I actually want to try its frustrating me so much. I also seem to be having the same problems with my other novels. Maybe I'm simply trying to do too much at once - writing 3/4 books, being a mummy and keeping house - but as any writer will tell you when inspiration strikes it will wait for no-one. It just seems that mine is striking in too many places at once and I can't get all my thoughts straight. I think I just need someone to give me a good kick up the ass and say 'sort it out, Em!'
I desperately need to buy a notebook of some sort to write everything down. My random bits of paper just seem to 'poof' into thin air sometimes. *sigh*
I've totally been ranting - but if this blog is good for anything it's for letting my frustrations out in, and that's definitely something every writer needs now and then.
Anyway, I'm gonna haul my sorry self to the computer, open a word doc or two and try and put down my thoughts - hopefully creating a storyline for Lily's last book. Have a good day!


  1. hi emma,
    i can imagine its bloody frustrating that the epub version of the beginning of the end does not work properly and to rewrite it to make it work. it a hell of a job! and yea 3/4 books writing at the same time being fulltime mom and keeping ur house clean is alot!
    but im sure u will eventualy get all sorted out and more balanced. just try not to rush thingsand take the time u need to sort all out!
    greetz Suzie

  2. It's very frustrating! However I now have a storyline for the fourth version and the epilogue! Apparently im writing this book backwards! But now I have the storyline it should be much easier, I just need to get that first chapter down in a minute. I'll get there in the end!

    1. it doesnt matter if u write the from the last chaptor to the first or the other way around alsong asu have the inspiration and the main storyline u'll get there :)
      good luck :)