Tuesday, 21 August 2012

E-book cover making!

While I'm taking a few days off from my fantasy worlds I've decided to work on the BRAND NEW cover for Lily's book when it's made into a novel and wowee is it fun...
I've moved up in the world and downloaded GIMP - photo editing programme similar to Photoshop but free *woowoo* sadly, it's no less complicated. I have about 6 tabs open on Safari at the moment with tutorials *facepalm*
I'm not gonna lie to my lovely readers, it's bloody hard!!! Why can't it be simple? Of course I could be lazy and pay someone... But I'm too cheap for that ;) no seriously, some people charge like £75.... Rip off for self publishing if you ask me... Especially as my books are free! So I'm going it alone... But if anyone can design covers and fancies doing me one while I get used to the ridiculously complicated GIMP I won't say no ;)
Maybe I should try and find a graphic design course online... Or keep reading the tutorials and not give up when they get complicated.. Hmmm that's probably a good idea!
Anyway, I'm going to go back to my computer and hunker down with this trial cover.
If anyone has any ideas they'd like to pose.. Or even better make me a cover just leave a comment ;)


  1. hi emma,
    ever heard of paintshop pro?
    its fairly easy to work with and u can do alot to make covers and other photoshop stuff with it.
    that way i made my own B-day calander with pictures and text.
    greetz Suzie

  2. I managed to make one in the end - took me around 2 and a half hours! I'll download paintshop pro and see if it's any easier to use.. God knows GIMP is complicated! I still seem to have writers block where the fourth part is concerned so I might brush up on some editing skills for now!