Sunday, 19 August 2012


I'm totally counting down the days now until my 19th birthday. 11 days to go.. *hums final countdown tune*
My computer has decided to be a bit of a pain - freezing, restarting itself etc, (my 'better' half is working on fixing it). So I can't do any work. I feel like I want to cry I'm so lost!!
I had an hour on my shiny new (forbidden) android tablet yesterday and wow. Don't worry, we bargained that Dar could choose the player for his Man U shirt he's getting for his birthday next month & try it on once - it was a small price to pay. Naturally, as a writer, my first inclination was to search for an office package - which I have *yayayay* - so the REALLY annoying thing is I have a perfectly good device in which I can write on that I'm not allowed to use. Hmph!!
Even more annoying... I have ideas for a new paranormal YA series swirling around in the crazy part of my brain and I have nowhere to put them!! After the incident with the third book of The Mauve Legacy I don't really wanna be writing on my phone (except the synopsis) so I'm thinking of resorting to good old pen and paper tonight when the monster is asleep in bed. Oh how much easier my life will be if I had m tablet... Maybe I'll try bargaining the man u shirt early for my tablet early? After all the Mr would have to wait longer.. What do you think guys? Is it possible?
Hmm I didn't think so either.
Onto the random facts of my week.. I'm ecstatic to say Lexi's last tooth has finally cut.. *grabs pompoms and cheers* maybe I'll get some sleep now please?
We went on a walk around our area yesterday with her wellies for the puddles that Devon's inevitable 'summer' season has kindly bestowed upon us, and she thought the stream in the woods was a giant puddle.
Thankfully there was a railing between her and it. Needless to say, she now has an all in one waterproof suit... Just in case. She also seems to have continued her 'bus' obsession.. Forcing me to stop when we saw one and pointing at it yelling 'BUS! MUM BUS!' at the top of her adorable *cough* little lungs. Cute, yes? >_<
Love toddlers. Have to really. So simple and innocent. You don't realise how much kids can influence your life, and especially in my work. I find that the 'heroines' of my stories strongly resemble the person I always wanted to be and the person I hope Lexi will one day be - strong, resilient, and a take-no-shit badass kinda girl. Because everyone loves a girl with a bit of attitude.
I'm sure I'll regret saying that when she's a teenager, if she's anything like her mummy!
Anyway, the man of the house is in my ear moaning at me to get the Hoover so we can clean up the inside of my pathetic excuse for a computer. I'll try hard to contain my excitement!!
Have a good day/night/afternoon/morning/evening guys <3

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