Saturday, 11 August 2012

Busy days!

I haven't written a post in a while.. Naughty Emma! *slaps hand* but I do have a good reason.. I promise!
I'm making some headway in the fourth book of The Mauve Legacy.. Kinda. And then there's the other books, of course.. And being completely sleep deprived/mummy/housemaid/partner of the century/author. There isn't enough hours in the day - and when there is I'm usually asleep thanks to Lexi's recent all-nighter antics, like last night. *Yawn* 
However the good news is I managed to talk my partner into buying me an android tablet for my 19th birthday (which is the 30th of August, btw, I expect presents ;) ) with a keyboard case.. Yay! The keyboard case means I can use it as a laptop kinda thingy and I plan to download open office (or something similar) so I can write on that too - meaning no more sections on my notes on my iPhone. It'll definitely make my life a whole lot easier if I can do that. 
Everything is also a little mental with Lexi, as well as her learning new words, where her foot is (random, I know) and what noises a duck and cow make (I'll kill her Granddad for teaching her how to quack) I'm also starting potty training. *nervous giggle* Now as any parent will tell you, potty training is definitely a force to be reckoned with. I imagine I've looked at every possible article, list of tips and bit of advice I possibly can in the past few weeks. I've known it was coming for a while now. So last night I asked Lexi if she needed a weewee and she said yeah, so giving her the benefit of the doubt I took off her nappy and asked if she wanted her potty. She said yeah. So I had a naked almost-20-month-old running around my front room. And yep, you guessed it. She peed. Part in the potty, part on the potty, and part on my floor.
I've never been so grateful for laminate flooring - so easy to clean up. Of course, my partner got that job while I held her down on the potty. Nevertheless, she was incredibly proud of herself and gave herself a big clap when I said she was a big girl and well done. I'm a little hesitant to try again tonight, even though I know I have to.. Break her in slowly and all that. I'd probably look forward to it a bit more if she didn't keep trying to put her foot in her potty - but at least she's sitting on it now.. So that's a start I suppose. 
Anyway, my partner has just finished work (or will in approximately one minute) so I'm gonna say my goodbyes and do the dishes and pretend I've been hard at work all day. Bahahahaha. Up for 21 hours straight is NOT the way to get me cleaning. I'll do it tomorrow. Between my writing, of course. ;)
OOOH yeah! I forgot to say.. I'm also interviewing some of the characters from The Mauve Legacy, get their feelings on what's already happened and what is to come to tide you lovely, lovely readers over until the release of the unnamed, unwritten jumbled mess that is currently the fourth book. Woo! I'm so excited to get more in touch with the other characters - although they are pretty busy, so please give me a chance to rein them in and completely interrogate them. I'm also a little afraid of Lily.. So think of me. ;) 
Anyway, again, I'm going. Have a fab day wherever you are, and keep a look out for those interviews.
Love always. <3

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