Sunday, 12 August 2012

Bad reviews..

As any writer knows, there's nothing worse than a bad review. In fact, the first review I received for A Magical History was only a 2* review - but that's cool, because it was constructive criticism.
Constructive criticism, I can take. Downright rudeness? Most definitely not.
I just checked out Barnes & Noble (I like to keep an eye on my reviews) and nearly had a fit. Truth, Lies & Betrayal received two 1* reviews because of the ending! Yes, I admit it does finish quite suddenly - but isn't that the point of a series? To keep you coming back for more?
It's not the first time I've been told it - and either will it be the last, but it's the first time I've been told so blatantly. Yes, they need work, I'm completely aware that they're not finished but they are my first books - surely they deserve better than a 1*? Maybe not, I guess it depends on the person, although I suppose I am slightly bias.
I still have work to do, even on the first two books. British-isms need to be removed, spell checking needs doing and all around editing. Maybe I need to bulk out the story a bit more? Who knows.. I'll find that out before I publish the last part and put them all in one, great big novel split into four parts.
I won't lie and say I'm not considering pulling my books from Barnes & Noble. Yes, the reviews hurt - I'm only young, I'm 19 at the end of the month and I guess you could say still impressionable. But then I think why should I? Every day I receive good reviews and people telling me to carry on writing because they loved my books. So what do I do? Take the constructive criticism and ignore the rude comments or give in? I have no intention of giving in completely.. I love what I do too much, so I guess it's ignoring the rude comments. In fact, 3 bad reviews out of umm *counts on fingers* umm *gives up* a lot of good reviews should barely register.
My intention was for The Mauve Legacy series to be a full novel anyway, the separate books were more testers before I published a full version to be sure it really was worth it. And yes, it is worth it, because of the loyal readers.
So, here's to you, the people who wait on tender hooks for the final part of Lily's book. I wrote twelve pages today *woohoooo!* thank you to those who've supported me so far. You can't imagine what it means to me.
Love always!! <3


  1. dear emma,
    the fact that book 2 ends so suddenly is one of the things i loved because u want to read the next book so desperatly to know how it goes on with lily and the others. u just want to know how they fight henry luther and if they are able to defeat him!
    dont let a few bad reviews break u into giving up what u love!
    not everyone has to like the writing style of a author!
    but the ppl that do love ur style and books will be loyal to ur books and i dare to bet, that alot of ppl who read the first 3 books are very much looking forward to the forth and final book of the mauve legacy!
    i know i am XD so dont give up and dont let bad reviews bother u to much.
    greetz Suzie

  2. hey,
    i can only agree with comment above. I just finished the books that are currently out so far and I went straight to google to find out if there are going to be anymore :)
    Just ignore all the bad reviews, everyone else is loving your books! So keep up the good work
    Alannah :)

    1. Thanks Suzie, I can always count on you to put a smile on my face! I'm still eagerly awaiting your prologue btw ;)
      Alannah - thank you so much. There will be a fourth and final book, but instead of publishing it as a lone book I am combining all four books into one novel as I plan to send the manuscript to some publishers in the UK and try my luck at becoming traditionally published! Although that means everyone will have to start again from the beginning, I'm doing a lot of work on the previous books also, editing, revising etc. I feel there's more to the stories to make them flow better. It also means I can unpublish the old books and not worry about the issues with the third book!
      I'm so glad you've enjoyed the story so far!

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Sandi, yes there will be a fourth book, although I'm currently undecided as to whether I'll release it separately as well as the revised & edited novel or just the novel.

    2. dear emma,
      i would say just release it as a solo novel and the 4 books combined. that way ppl dont have to start all over again if they dont want to read a book more than 1 time and can just go on with the 4th book.
      i dont mind reading a book over and over again if i realy like the book i read it till i can dream the story XD
      greetz suzie

    3. Hi Suzie, I'm thinking that's probably what I'll do! although the novel will be fully revised, things will be changed, added in and removed so i guess it's up to the readers :)

    4. cool :D
      i dont mind reading ur books over and over again i just love them :D!
      already i read them 4x or so and i still enjoy them every time XD

  4. Can't wait for the last book the other books had me giggling like a little school girl with everyone looking at me weird

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