Sunday, 8 July 2012

Writer's Block!

It's official - there is nothing worse than writer's block! (except maybe pins & needles?)
I have three books on the go and I could work on any one of them but do I have any ideas? Not a single bloody one.
I wouldn't mind so much if it wasn't for the fact I have chapters written for later in the book and I can't seem to join the dots, as it is. Especially the third book of The Mauve Legacy. I'm dying to get it finished to see if the series ends on this book or if I need another after it. I'm getting pretty frustrated over the fact I cant seem to fill in the middle bits. I have no problem writing the later scenes, the inspirational juices are flowing faster than I can type - but I think the inspiration for the middle bits is on holiday somewhere in the Caribbean.
If anyone comes across my inspiration, I'd be delighted if you could book it a one way ticket back to England!


  1. I loathe writers block, but took two weeks off from writing and came back inspired to write a new series

    1. I had to take a few days off, completely away from it and now I'm on fire! It's just sods law that my daughter has decided that she doesn't like bedtime anymore!