Monday, 30 July 2012


Well, possibly. The Beginning Of The End failed the review for the premium catalogue on Smashwords and apparently it's due to differing paragraphing styles leading to different font styles and sizes. How that translates as missing out half the book in ePub version.. Well, your guess is as good as mine. BUT the good news is that tomorrow I'll hound the computer for twenty minutes, sort out my apparently different paragraph styles, re-upload and hope it makes a difference. Here's hoping, anyway, as I've had a review left on Apple asking for the third book and I do so hate to disappoint ;) if it works I'll be shouting from the rooftops! Well.. From a blog post, at least.
I also started a word document for the fourth book of The Mauve Legacy. Don't get too excited though - I only have the licensing, copyright and dedications, the usual stuff that everyone pretends to read but no-one ever does! Well... I don't. :D I will start my plan for it this week.. I will I will I will! << See that? That's determination for ya. Failing that.. I'll at least get the first chapter written. As long as I do something productive my determination hasn't gone to waste.. Right? *nods*
I'm currently thinking more love triangle with Craig, Lily and Josh; the full vision Lily's Grand-mamar had; the transition from mere witch to triple goddess (which, naturally, is already written); and of course, the penultimate battle. The final showdown. *hums 'The Final Countdown' theme tune to self* along with the normal romanticising and teenage drama. And, who can forget, starting senior year. Woohoo! I'm secretly SO excited. I'm promising myself there'll be so more drama, more sarcastic/witty remarks and more pep talks that make you go 'awwww'.
It sounds like SO much fun. Even if I'm secretly not starting because I don't want to finish.
Oops. Guess its not so secret anymore. *facepalm*
Anyway. Its been yet again another late night post (for me) because Lexi woke up.. But seeing as she's fallen back to sleep on me I really should get her back to bed and go myself! Hopefully magical scenes of Salem visit me tonight in my dreams and I can draw some inspiration.
So it's goodnight from me, goodnight from you.. And I'll make sure I'm back with an update on The Beginning Of The End sometime tomorrow.
Sleep well. x


  1. Great books have read all 3 books so far can't wait for next book to see how it all ends

    1. Hi Shirbow, thank you so much! I'm so happy you've enjoyed them so far :)