Friday, 20 July 2012

Late Night Ramblings

I really can't help myself - apparently my imagination has decided that aswell as The Mauve Legacy, my angel book and my novel, I can also write a vampire story. Oh godddd.
I'm amazed I can keep up with myself and remember which story is which! I'm also running out of people I can dedicate to as I have a very small amount of friends - I'd rather a handful of true ones than a load of shitty ones :)
Its 11.15pm in the UK (for my overseas readers) and tomorrow night is a scheduled, much needed and very anticipated night out on the town, so I'm also thinking about how to do my hair ra ra ra. Thankfully I've had my clothes picked out for a week! I'm really not used to dolling myself up, you're lucky if I even straighten my hair to be quite honest. I also feel like I should be finishing and editing The Beginning Of The End and creating the cover, but hey, parenting and writing is hard work and everyone deserves a break! I definitely need to get out, but I guess such is the life of a writer. I'm constantly finding myself putting things off because I'm lost in a storyline.
I really do need to get out more.
Ah wellllll, I'll be making up for it tomorrow night in the form of strawberry daiquiris and dancing! Wahoooo!
Anyway, I do believe I've got a bit sidetracked, but I'll carry on with my random thoughts (for those of you that might actually like my ramblings, and if not, at least I'll tire myself out!)
Three days ago we changed my daughters cot into a toddler bed *sob* which I think she may have fallen out of so I'll be right back....
No, it's all good. What was I saying? Oh yes, she's in a big girls bed now and I find her 'babyness' slipping away each day which is kinda sad. She's also picking up new words really quickly - so I was right about the language explosion thing - and milk is her new favourite word. Although she does like to point at me and call me a 'bus' for some peculiar reason.
I intend to remedy that.
I think toddlers are funny things, they have an innocent persona but they seem to have a really serious outlook on life. I mean, it's totally the end of the world if her blankie is missing or if I don't fill up her juice cup RIGHT THIS MINUTE. Because thats way more important than bills. Apparently it is, if i don't want to keep the guy on the phone waiting, (like he's paying for the call).
Oh to be a child again.
I also find it amazing how easily amused they are. Lexi can play dizzy dinosaurs for ages and giggle at herself. Hell, who am I trying to kid? I'd play along with her if we had enough room. Hehehehe. So maybe I'm still a kid at heart.
Anyway, now I do really fear I'm rambling, but I suppose that's my own fault for thinking it would be a good idea to drink Tesco's version of red bull 7pm, kinda brought it on myself.
Anyway, (again), I shall bid you goodnight, good morning or good afternoon, depending on where you are in the world, but for me, it's most definitely a good night.


  1. hi emma i like ur late night ramblings :D
    i hope u did enjoy urself last night and got the break u needed!
    what u said about friends is also very much true!
    and hell who doesnt wish sometimes to be a kid again and be free of worry's the adult life brings!
    even i have that at 26 years old when im playing with my dogs :D
    greetz suzan

    1. Suzan, I really believe that these ramblings are keeping me sane! I have too many thoughts and not enough people to tell them to these days haha! I had an amazing weekend thank you, I hope you did too! Tomorrow it's back to work, hopefully to get book 3 to a place that I'm almost ready to begin editing. I'm so excited, and I'm really hoping it does as well as the other two. X

    2. hey Emma,
      good to hear u had an amazing weekend :D
      my weekend was not so great cause i was a little sick :(, but today i feel alot better and did alot of painting by numbers since the weather was great so i had plenty of light in my livingroom :)
      now its late in the evening here in the netherlands and to dark for painting so i started book 1 again :D
      greetz Suzan