Saturday, 14 July 2012

Language Explosions!

This post is a little more personal than the others, but I'm hoping to make this blog kind of my online diary so my readers can get to know me as well as my books!
So my daughter, Lexi, is 18 & a half months old and appears to be going through what the professionals call a 'Language Explosion.' Well me, personally, I think I'm just gonna call it a pain in the ass.
Apparently a Language Explosion is something all toddlers go through between 18 & 24 months. They go from learning 1-2 words a day to about 10 & start using them more often.
I was kinda hoping this wouldn't happen yet, because if you think toddlers don't talk much then trust me, you haven't met Miss Alexia-Belle. Everything is 'yeah' at the moment - which is great for bedtime. She says mum, dad, nan, yeah, no, ta, bus, ball. I don't even think she knows what bus means but she says it anyway - along with all the psycho toddler babble which means nothing to me.
Why do they need to speak more? I'm perfectly fine with her little vocab especially since this proverbial explosion is making night time a living nightmare. *Sigh*
Don't get me wrong, I love her to bits, I just wish she didn't decide to turn me into a walking zombie every time she decides to hit a milestone. As proud as I am, I'd probably be a little more receptive to the toddler babble chats with a few hours more sleep.
All I can say is thank god for Red Bull and make up.

Also today is my brother in laws 4th birthday party. Yay. Not.
I love my little brothers and sister that we're an added extra with the other half but I can honestly say I'm not up to supervising a group of 4 year olds. With any luck, my mother in law, Sharon, will have a bouncy castle for him so I'll just play on that until they show up. I don't know why I agreed to go. Partly because its the only parties i ever get invited to. Sad, i know. And partly because Lexi loves her Uncle Oscar, Uncle Callum & Aunty Jade to the point of obsession and them her, which is very sweet. It's a love thats bloomed since she was 2 days old and I brought her home from the hospital on Christmas Day 2010... Ahh tissues please. *sniffs*
Anyway, that's enough of my rambling for today - so ill go throw back some red bull, wrap some presents and get us ready to party.

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