Wednesday, 18 July 2012

It's almost time...

I am SO happy to say my inspiration has returned to the magical world of Salem - and it's full steam ahead! Book three is finally coming along nicely - it turns out the problem was there wasn't enough drama. But never fear, the problem has been rectified :) it's coming so close to the end of Lily's story now. When this book is finished I'll be starting the fourth and final book. If I'm honest that idea makes me kinda sad. I've really grown to love each and every character I've created in the series and I feel like I'll lose a small part of myself when all is said and done. What makes it better is knowing that there are others out there who have followed the story and got as lost as I have. Im determined to publish the third book by August 1st.. But for now, I'll allow you a peek at the synopsis.

A rescue mission, coming face to face with a notorious witch hunter and destroying an old, evil building - its all in a days work for witch, Lily Mauve.
With Ivy safe, Lily can justify a week in Florida to see Grandma Bea with her Mother, sister Rose, best friend Ava and boyfriend Josh. But of course, like everything in Lily's life, it's just not that simple. Another family secret is waiting to be uncovered. Two untrained witches are joining their ranks along with a small coven of vampires.
A casual evening on the beach ends with a fight against Henry Luther's new minions - Hell's demons. This new revelation puts a spanner in the works - and Lily's ever growing powers don't help either.
Returning home after the less than relaxing vacation, Devlin introduces Lily to the new wolf in the pack, Craig. Wolves have one mate for life, and Craig claims Lily is his. Thrown into yet another love triangle, Lily must keep her wits about her and remember the ultimate goal.
After a vamp/demon attack, Lily knows the witch hunter is testing her. The arrival of her third moon means only one thing to her - the end is near.


  1. hi Emma,
    im very exited to read ur close to finish book 3!
    im out of books atm so im very much looking forward to the next book :)
    the peek at the synopsis looks very good cant wait to see how it all folds out to be:)

    1. Hi Suzan, I'm feeling that I'm really close to the end now, so just a few more chapters and some editing to do and it'll be ready to go :)