Thursday, 5 July 2012


Well hey! If you're here then you probably found my blog link on Smashwords. I'm mostly known as the author of The Mauve Legacy series of which two books are currently published, titled A Magical History and Truth, Lies and Betrayal. But of course, if you found this on Smashwords, you already know that! *chuckles* so what's next for me? Well I'm currently writing book three of the Mauve Legacy series, The Beginning of the End. there's plenty of romance, fighting and a twist or two you didn't see coming (I hope!) I'm getting quite stuck in I must admit, to the point of saving chapters in the notes section of my iPhone when I can't access the computer! But hey, when inspiration hits it won't wait for baby's bedtime. That brings me to me. I don't have much written about myself on Smashwords, so I'll tell you a little about myself here. Well I'm 18 (I know, a baby in the indie publishing world) but as I keep reminding everyone, it's only two and a half months until I'm 19. *happy dance* I'm lucky enough to blessed with a beautiful 18 month old daughter who is my driving force for my stories. I live in a town in North Devon, England with her and her daddy. I love them both very much and they give me the boost to write whether they realise it or not, and I'm thankful every day for them both. I have a sarcastic wit which tends to slip out without me realising.. Yeah it's not always a good thing. *bites lip and shrugs* I'm always grateful for reviews and insights from anyone regarding my work, good or bad. I believe bad criticism can only make you better but you have to listen to it - and I do. I'm aware there are a lot of British-isms in my work, and one day I will get around to editing them and changing them in the books but for now I'm busy writing. There's always time at the end of the series to change things. Besides The Mauve Legacy I have a full length novel on the go, and around three or four shorter stories. I know I know it's a lot - but like I said, when inspiration hits it won't wait. I tend to flick between them as I please when I'm at the computer. I'm pretty sure I have chapters for three different stories on my iPhone.. Hmm.. Anyway, I'm getting a bit carried away now, so I'll zip my lips and leave you to it. But please, keep an eye out as I'll be posting the first two (or three) chapters of The Beginning Of The End on here for whoever is interested. Thank you for reading this random page of rubbish *giggles* and I hope at least one person will give me their opinions on my work. So for now, goodbye! *waves*

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