Thursday, 12 July 2012


Okay, so as well as writing the third book of the Mauve Legacy and a novel based on my own experiences, I'm also hunkering down with a book about Angels and Demons. I have some of the story, a synopsis and a hundred ideas, but no title! I know, what a tragedy. But here's the thing - its bugging the hell out of me. Every time I open my word document and see 'Book Name' I get a little frustrated. So now - I ask for your help. I'll post the synopsis and I'll welcome any suggestions you might have - and if I pick your title you'll have a mention in the book as a character and in the acknowledgements! So here goes:

War is building.
The angels want balance.
The demons want world control.
Kayla just wants to finish high school and go to college.
Half angel, half demon, only her full blooded angel mother, Celeste knows the truth of her daughters forbidden heritage.
When Josiah, Governor of the angel city Largon grows suspicious he sends Cade, an 18 year old angel to find out information about Kayla. But what Cade doesn't expect is her beauty, pure heart and fierce loyalty.
Kayla and Cade find themselves falling in love against the odds, but Cade must make a decision when he discovers the truth.
Duty or love?


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    1. this comment had a few to many typo's XD

  2. hi Emma did u find a suitable title for the book already?
    if not my boyfriend has a few ideas for a title just let me know if u still need one and i'll post them for u :D
    greetz Suzie (my nick name)