Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Something appears to have gone wrong with the upload of The Beginning of The End and Smashwords is playing funny buggers and not allowing me to upload a new version.. I will keep trying to rectify the problem but I am VERY frustrated! Grrrrr!!


  1. hmm on the epub book i had the probleme that it stoped in the middle of chapter 11 but after downloading the pdf file the book apears normal to me im currently reading chapter 23. if its correct the book should have 31 chaters?
    so far i have to say very well done with this 3th book :D i especialy LOVE the newest power of lily :D!
    but im back to the book again tell u what i think of the rest later when i finish it :D
    greetz Suzan

  2. I've only checked the epub version but yes thats the problem I had too.. I'm thinking I may have to retype it *screams* thank you Suzan.. I'm glad you're enjoying it so far!

  3. And yes there is thirty one chapters!

  4. god damn now I am frustrated XD!!
    i just finished book 3 and damn its very very exciting!!
    now i cant wait till u finish book 4 damn!!
    girl u know how to make a book so exiting ppl cant wait to read more!!
    never had that with a book series before so realy u have done a very great job with book 3 again!!!
    greetz Suzan

    1. Thank you! I ready have a bit written for book four and I'm excited to see how it turns out. I'm taking a break for a couple of days - maybe work on my other books - then ill be heading back to finish the series. The thought makes me a bit sad!

  5. yeah i can imagine that it makes u a bit sad, i feel the same!
    your writing style inspired me to try to write my own book i just need to figure out how to start it and how the story i wanna tell will be told.
    also i need to figure out if i can write in english couse i hate dutch realy! i even think in english lately!
    i just need a little time to figure that out before i start rambling a story that doesnt make any sence at all.
    so i have some work to do figuring out what i want and how i want it! so i'll be busy for a while :D
    Greetz Suzan

    1. Yeah I have to say Lily's story has become a big part of my life - luckily I have a few books (work in progress) that I'll be able to focus on more clearly when it's completed!
      Oh wow, that's so amazing to know I've inspired you! I've found it helps to write down the basic storyline, the backbone of the book, if you will, before starting to actually write. I have to say I think your English is really good - its not an easy language to learn from what I've been told. I'd be happy to help you with translations if you'd like. You can contact me on my private e-mail address at and I'll help you however I can!

  6. cool tyvm for the offer :) and thx for the compliment on my english :)
    the story i wanna tell is alot about my personal life and how my life changed 15 years ago when my dad died but i wanna make it more into a fiction story than a biografie about my life so thats a little hard to figure out how to do but eventualy i'll get it the way i want it to be maby even in dutch and english.
    my boyfriend helped me alot with my english writing when i started with online gaming cause i couldnt even tell ppl my english was not so great back then XD.
    after my english got a bit better i started to read in english and words i didnt understand i looked up via google translate and so my english got better every day.
    when im starting with my story i will defo mail u if i need help or just to let u read it first hand :)
    thx again :)