Thursday, 26 July 2012

Family's Days!

So today I went to the beach (again!) with my mother & father in law, my partners youngest siblings and of course, my beautiful Lexi girl. It was actually really fun! Our first adventure was rock pooling, and even carrying Lexi didn't diminish the fun. I promised the kids I'd find them a crab. And I did.
It was dead.
Although, in my defence, I never said I promised them an alive one. I just promised a crab. So it was a dead crab they got. And the best part was? They didn't even realise. Hehehe. What a meanie. Callum also tried to pull a mini sea anemone off the rocks despite my reassurances that yes it WAS stuck to the rock, yes it WAS alive and NO it wouldn't give up it's home just to sit on top of his sandcastle. He didn't get his anemone. Poor lad ended up with a bucketful of seaweed instead. Oh, it's a hard life.
On the brighter side, Lexi finally played in the sand on her own. Yay! *happy dance* on the darker side of this, he also learnt she could grab a handful and throw it at the nearest person - including herself. I tried to tell her off but oh, her little face was so darling I gave up after three attempts. I shrugged it off and resigned myself to the fact that by the next time we have nice enough weather to go to the beach she'd just do it again anyway. Ah well.
We also managed longer than 5 seconds in the water without a scream fest. Double yay. Okay, so I say 'we', but really, I mean Nanny. I'd been carrying her for so long over the rocks my arms were dead so I passed her over.
Gotta love grandparents.
We also made a huge sandcastle - I'm not going to lie and say I didn't enjoy it - and in the process, made a huge hole. Which Oscar sat in. Quite happily, may I add. This was around the time Lexi decided the sand was fun and she tried to fill the hole in, with him still in it. The great thing about Lexi and Oscar being only two and a half years apart in age is that he still enjoys a lot of what she does and finds it funny. In fact, he did suggest burying Daddy (my father in law) in the sand if he fell asleep.
I can't say I was opposed to the idea.
I actually think I'm incredibly lucky. Most people I know don't get along with their in laws, but I have to say, my mother in law is pretty much my best friend.
Hence the BBQ that followed at home and jug of pimms. Mmm. Lexi had a late night and just woke up - hence why I'm writing this now instead of tomorrow morning - and yelled 'Dai!' at me. 'Dai' is short for Upsy Daisy which is her favourite character from her favourite bedtime show, In The Night Garden. It's one of those horribly mind numbing kids programmes about a whole lot of nothing. So, pretty much a load of bullshit. But, being the lovely mummy I am, at her insistence I carried her downstairs with her beloved blankie and put the DVD on. But what has she gone and done? Fallen asleep on the floor. Yes. That's right. She dragged me out of bed, downstairs, to fall asleep on the floor. What's wrong with her bed I hear you ask? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Kids.
So I'm off to take her back to bed and hope I can get some shut eye before she wakes in the morning. With any luck, she'll stay in bed because I have work to do while she's having a nap tomorrow - its back to writing for me. Which book, I don't know, so please, don't ask :D
Anyhoooooo, I'm going to love you and leave you for tonight except for a quick thank you to everyone who's downloaded The Beginning Of The End so far and an especially big thank you to those who have given me their thoughts. It means so much to me.
I really am going now - but I'll leave you with my favourite picture of my baby girl from today.
Love always <3


  1. omg she is so cute!!
    its realy nice to hear u had fun on the beach today :D
    i wich i had a beach nearby to go to with my boyfriend and my 2 sweet doggies cause in my apartment its not so fun to be when its 30 degrees celcius outside :(
    its nearly 1 AM here and still the temperature in my living room is 27 degrees and i have all the windows opend as far as i can :( pff its gonna be a fun night again with nearly no sleep i guess but gonna try to sleep anyway :) enjoy writing tomorow and especialy enjoy Lexi :D
    sweet dreams :)

    1. Thank you, i love her to pieces :) It's horrible isn't it! It's ten past midnight here and it's got to be at least 24 degrees! We're now back downstairs and I've come to the conclusion we're sleeping here on the sofas tonight as her room is just too hot even though she's just in a nappy, poor baby :( I love the weather but hate the unrelenting heat!